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tv   Geraldo at Large  FOX News  January 19, 2013 10:00pm-11:00pm EST

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rting within 5 minutes. and that makes a difference in my breathing. today, we're ready for whatever swims our way. ask your doctor aut symcort. i got my first prescription free. call or click tolearn more. [ male announcer ] if you can't afrd your medication, astrazeneca may be able to help. >> this is a fox news alert. the bloody siege of the natural gas complex in the sahara desert is over. aalgerian special forces killed the mit militants who for four s held hundreds of hodges including several americans. the sad news is at least 23 of the hostages were killed. the president has just released this statement. today the thoughts and prayers of the american people are with the families of all those who were killed and injured in the terrorist attack in algeria. the blame for this tragedy rests with the terrorists who carried it out, and the united states
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condemns their actions in the strongest possible terms. meanwhile, on a happier note tonight, in washington the first lady and daughters sasha and malia opened the inauguration weekend honoring the children of military families. it starred katy perry. [ music ] >> usher and the cast of glee also performed, but it was michelle obama's hair do is what folks were talking about. >> this is what inauguration is all about. it's about celebrating who we are as americans and all the things that make this country so great and when i think about who we are, when i think about what
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makes america great, i think about all of you, our men and women in uniform, our military spouses, and our amazing military kids. >> today was also something called gun appreciation day. thousands of gun advocates gathering across the country to rally against the president's proposals to reduce gun violence. >> too many in this country have been silent too long. we cannot -- we cannot -- we cannot be silent any longer. those 20 beautiful children who lost their lives in newtown are no longer able to speak for themselves. we have to speak for them. >> trying to outlaw certain black guns because they're black guns and hold large rounds of ammunition isn't going to do anything to stop those monsters >> i don't think it's really something they should attack. it's our amendment. it's our right to bear arms if
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we have the right to come out here and shoot a weapon or fire a weapon. they shouldn't really -- it's in our substitution. >> here to defend and debate a recent statement suggesting that gun violence is more about race than it is about guns is ann coulter, the one and only. hi. >> hello. >> in chicago, a city plagued by violence, santita jackson joins us. how are you? >> why are you not in washington for the party. >> i'm on my way tomorrow. i'm with you and ann tonight. >> thanks for postponing your plans to be with me. am i color blind, james holmes, jared layof loughner, adam lanz, everyone with the exception of the asian guy in virginia tech and the black guy on the long island railroad, virtually every one of these mass shootings was a crazy white guy. >> and the arab at fort hood. those are the recent ones. that's true. that is not my leading point.
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that is a response to the argument that it's guns that are like crawling out of the drawers and killing people. it's a problem of human beings, and liberals are always citing like homicide rates in europe. there's a lost factors that go into homicides. one of the biggest ones is they're not being armed citizens there. the next big one is mental illness, and again, i blame you for that, geraldo. >> well, you're referring to the fact that i held the institutionalized the care of the developmentally disabled. those are the mentally retarded. i had nothing toot wit to do wie institutionalization of the mentally ill. >> i know you have fun blaming me on a lost things. i was mad at ann when she suggested that the problem is a demographic, a racial problem rather than a problem about guns, and then i checked. in defending stop and frisk here in new york city, the nypd released some alarming statistics that here in new
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york, 96% of all shooting victims are either black or latino, 97% of shooting suspects are black or latino. i mean, in chicago it's just as bad. i just have the statistics for black killers and black victims in chicago. 75% are black killers. 75% are black murder victims. was ann's point correct? is gun violence a function of race in this country? >> well, you know, i don't want to racialize this. i want to humanize the problem. the fact is we have to stop fixing the blame and fix the problem. it's ironic that we're discussing this issue on the weekend in which we're celebrating dr. martin luther king's birthday, someone who was killed by a gun. in fact, the gun control act of 1968 was proffered in response to his assassination. that said, the day does not honor his legacy.
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the fact is it really besmirch whiceshis legacy. he was the apostle of non-violence. we have to go to what dr. king saw as being an american problem. he said more than 40 years ago we are the greatest purveyors of violence in the world today. there's a study that came out last week that reaffirmed that, that we are the most violent wealthy western nation. why is that. as you talk about jared loughner and white people and black people, the fact is we're killing each other in america. we, you, me, and ann need to sit down and talk about why it is america and americans are so violent. >> ann, what problem do you have with universal background checks. >> i don't. i don't at all. >> even for gun shows. >> gun rights supporters support that. >> now you're for expanding. >> wait, can i finish? >> you may follow up on the race issue. >> first of all, it's not that i
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am saying any more than i think guns cause crime that race causes crime. the reason you have two separate problems. one are the mass shootings. that's a problem of schizophrenia and mental illness. then you have just general violence. it is true that m minorities coe from disadvantaged backgrounds, they tend to be poor. they're often children of single mothers. all of those things lead to crime, and one other important factor that i think is worth mentioning is minorities live heavily in cities. cities are governed by democrats. democrats take away guns. i would like the law-abiding people of chicago to be able to defend themselves. >> that's not right. >> liberal policies -- >> i have to tell you. >> white people are being asailed by black people with the statistics. it's black people killing black people. >> brown people killing brown people. white people killing white people. >> but they can't defend themselves. they're not allowed to have guns. >> it's not an issue.
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white people aren't being victimized by -- >> you need concealed carry. >> you had me on the fact that it is -- that black people have to clean up their own communities because they are asailinsailing themselves. >> no, no, no. they need to defend themselves. >> geraldo and ann, look. america needs to clean up itself. this false sense of innocence that we have, it needs to stop. we are violent. why are we so violent? why are we so apt to kill one another? let me tell you something. i am not someone who is disinterested here. i'm someone who grew up with a father who lived in the cross hairs of an assassin's bullet all of my life. in my own group when i look at malcolm x's children and even john kennedy's children, i almost have survivor's guilt, ann and geraldo, because as they all told me you know what? you're the lucky one. you got a chance to grow up with your father. i believe that people should have the right to bear arms, but
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you have with rights you have to have responsibilities. we're not having that discussion. >> agree a hundred percent. >> wait a second. i appreciate that. i think unless we have black leaders speaking to black children about killing other black children, you're going to have an epidemic continuing in the inner city. i think the issue of crazy people getting guns is an excellent issue. >> let me tell you something. >> it's two separate issues that end up in the same place. >> i will not -- i will not hear that everybody from pearl, mississippi to paducah, kentucky to virginia tech everybody involved in these mass slayings is crazy. that is not true. you have some people who are absolutely disturned. they're not all mentally ill. they are ill. let me tell you something. violence is an illness, and we have to deal with it. james earl ray who allegedly killed dr. king, he he was not mentally ill. he was a murderer. >> i agree. >> lee harvey oswald was not
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ill. >> let me tell you. mass killings are from disturned people. >> ladies. i wish i could continue. we could do an hour with just you two. >> i have to go. >> this is such a big issue. i thank you very much. >> i can't wait to meet ann coulter. >> well, come on down. i'll make a party. eric and i will host you both. >> absolutely. >> that will be an interesting dinner. thank you both. up next, you know, equally controversial, sheriff joe and he's got an idea for keeping school kids safe. what else? he's rounded up a posse. then how does a young woman go to a cop when it's a cop she should be afraid of after this. [ kimi ] atti d i had always called oregon home.
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>> the one thing i sort of agree with was the proposal you just heard, to put an armed guard in
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every school. our controversial sheriff joe arpaio has a satellite different take. he's formed an armed posse of volunteers to keep them safe. i welcome him from of course. sheriff joe, it's a bad night for me. i agreed with ann coulter and something with wayne said from the nra. i sort of agree. when i heard your idea, i said this guy is crazy. he's gone off the deep end again, your critics might say. i had you on the radio last week. these people, the armed posse, they are trained like police auxiliary. they are deputies. they are in police cruisers and they're trained. tell us about their training. how do you recruit them? >> well, i've had the posse. i built it up since i took office 20 years ago. i have 3500 that are armed. i've been using the armed posse
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and others going after illegal immigration and many other programs. i'm just using the pot see now on -- the pot see on the perimeter of she's schools to make the bad guys understand if you do something wrong, we're going to be there and we're going to take action. it's common sense. >> common sense. my problem is how do you know, you know, a spanish person who is a citizen from a spanish person who is an illegal. that's a judgment call that is different than putting a police cruiser or sheriff's deputies car outside of a school and looking for people who look suspicious on school grounds. have you had any encounters yet between suspicious characters and the posse? >> no. it's been a great two weeks. it's been very successful. by the way, the first night there's about 30 kids fighting each other. they spotted our car and they ran, so that's what you call deterence, and wire going to continue, geraldo, doing this.
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as i say, they're well trained, they work for nothing. the president today said it's a volunteerism day. why didn't he recognize my dedicated posse for what they're doing trying to protect the pull. i never see him or anybody else from the white house thank us for what we've done in the last several years. >> even on that statement, i think i won't disagree with you. it's a useful function, and the model of armed deputies, auxiliary policeman using them could save a lot in terms of budgeting, but i've got to ask you this question. here's where we probably will disagree. is it not a fact that you said like other sheriffs across the country that if ordered by the federal government to confiscate assault weapons, assuming there was a ban and they're making an assumption on an assumption that the federal government was going to seize weapons that were now illegal, you said that you would not enforce that law because you in your opinion felt it would be
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unconstitutional. is that true? >> well, i don't know. the federal government doesn't want me to enforce the federal illegal immigration laws. they've taken me to court, so i don't have to enforce all the federal laws, but if they -- if this happens which i don't think will, we'll decide at the time what action i'm going to take. >> but you're going to decide what's constitutional and what's not, joe? >> yeah. i'm going to defend the constitution of the united states. >> as you see he it. >> i took an oath of office to do that. >> as you see it. >> what do you mean as i see it? as i know how to read the constitution, not how i see it. it's also the laws, so it's the -- if the federal government wants our help, they can come to the sheriff. doesn't mean i have to give it to them. >> okay. >> let them go around and confiscate all the guns. let the fbi and the atf do it. >> i got it, joe. ithanks. i appreciate you coming on. coming up, what happens if
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2 veteran officers are under investigation for allegations that they forced women to have sex with the cops or risk arrest. craig has the story. >> reporter: she was informed that she had sex with them, it would keep her out of jail. one of the officers is james nick columns. the other is lewis valenzuela. to my knowledge, there have been several other victims treated in similar fashion. here in los angeles, two police officers are under investigation
10:22 pm
for preying on women over a five-year period. forcing them into their undercover car for sex. a complaint filed by a woman who worked undercover for the officers said that they abused their power for sex. in the meantime, a highly decorated police officer in san diego is doing hard time for just that reason. >> two years ago i was here at hard rock hotel for some fun, and next thing you know, i was arrested by a police officer and i was molested. >> 26-year-old woman said she was stalked and molested by a uniformed police officer who preyed on young, beautiful women in san diego's popular gas lamp quarter. he pulled us over and he had asked me a lot of questions, inappropriate, and next thing you know, he put his hand down in my pants and said easy, easy,
10:23 pm
you're in good hands. he was saying that he wants me with nothing on but my heels, and he was saying that he can make all this thing go away if i just cooperate with him. >> she claims the cop brought her to a darkeneened street and positioned her behind his cruiser out of site of the police dash cam. >> you're so beautiful, you know, we can work something out. >> so he was saying we can work something out meaning looking for a sexual favor in order to let you go? >> yes. in order to not arrest me and let the dui just pass by if i just cooperate with him and give him any sexual favor he wanted. >> she complained bit terly that she was sexually harassed and groped by the officer, but no one listened, enabling the pervert to allegedly stalk others like these two. these women are 27 and among the first to go public. >> there were 13 women and all
10:24 pm
who came forward with this one police officer, and you two had a similar experience. tell me what happened. >> we did. we were actually pulled over as students. >> you and lacy live together. this police officer actually came into your home? >> yeah. he started hanging out and making inappropriate comments about like my boobs, asking me if i was wearing a bra, asking her, talking about her butt and her legs. >> same and similar comments. he asked me where i'm from. i say i'm persian. he said no wonder you have big breasts. >> he didn't use that word. >> he use the t word. there was nobody for us to call because the people that we would call was in our living room. >> it was terrifying. i was just not wanting to make him angry because he did have a gun, and it was only two of us. oh, my god, how am i going to get him to leave without him doing something like raping us or killing us? >> after five hours of
10:25 pm
psychological torture, he finally left their home but his reign of terror didn't end until another woman known only as jane doe reported the 18-year police veteran had her strip out of her bra and panties and sexually molested her after a dui stop. surveillance cameras captured video of the uniformed police officer entering a convenience store bathroom with his victim. >> thanks to jane doe, we all could come forward finally and some people could believe us. >> i realize how many people i've hurt and what i've done. >> despite a tearful apology and pleas for mercy, the former san diego cop was convicted and sentenced to nine years in jail, a sexual predator with a badge. the city of san diego reached a 1.2 million dollar settlement with some of the women victimized by the policeman. he he was convicted of assault, battery, and bribery.
10:26 pm
>> every once in a while there's a real bad guy that hides away and carries a badge and carries a gun. this is one of the guys. >> craig, we have some video of the policeman taking one of his female victims where, into the convenience store bathroom. what's that about? >> reporter: he obviously pulled this woman over for suspicious of dui, tries to convince her to provide some sexual favors so that he can, you know, let her go, you know. that was his thing. he tried to seduce them with the, you know, getting them off the hook, societ so to speak, ss video is what turned the whole case around. this woman complained there was substantiation when the police investigated it. they saw the convenience store video. then they further investigated him and the different arrest he made or tickets he wrote, went and asked these women, some of
10:27 pm
them who had already complained, and went back to them and confirmed their suspicions that this guy was a predator. >> craig, thanks. up next, she was once among the most famous women in hollywood. was she murdered by her equally famous husband? that story is next. faction is a. mmmm tasty. and cut! very good. people are always asking me how we make these geico adverts. so we're taking you behind the scenes. this coffee cup, for example, is computer animated. it's not real. geico's customer satisfaction is quite real though. this computer-animated coffee tastes dreadful. geico. 15 minutes could save you 15 % or more on car insurance. someone get me a latte will ya, please? nothing. are you stealing our daughter's school supplies and taking them to work? no, i was just looking for my stapler and my... this thing.
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back in the 1940s. and former baltimore oriole skipper earl weaver has also died. the hall of fame manager was well known for his feisty confrontation with the umps. he was 82. i'm marianne rafferty. now back to geraldo at large. >> aside from the crew on board with natalie that night in 1981 was her equally famous husband robert wagner and the actor christopher walken. you know him from saturday night live and a lost films. he he was staring along side natalie in a movie called brainstorm. robert wagner reportedly went into a rage, smashing a wine bottle and somehow, some way, the beautiful star of films like splendor in the grass and west side story and rebel without a cause ended up in the water and
10:32 pm
for 30 years, her death was considered an accidental drowning until last week when a review of the autopsy results led the l.a. coroner to change the cause of death from accident to undetermined. raising the grim possibility that natalie didn't fall off the boat that night, she was pushed. >> on the weekend of november 29th, 1981, natalie wood wagner and her husband, robert wagner, spent the weekend on their boat, the splendid splendf cattily in a island. somehow she ended up in the water and drowned. her death was ruled an accident. recently we have received information which we felt was substantial enough to make us take another look at this case. >> joining us now from los angeles, two women who can shed considerable light on the facts and circumstances surrounding the tragic death of natalie wood, marilyn wade on your left is the only person we know of
10:33 pm
who is an actual witness, at least an ear witness, to natalie's last moments. but the striking thing about marilyn's story is that the police never interviewed her. on your right, suzanne finstad who wrote the definitive biography of natalie wood called in natasha, the natalie wood biography. welcome ladies. marilyn, first if you would, tell us the story of what you heard that fateful night exactly. what did you hear? where were you, and then describe it. >> i was on the yacht next to the wagners. we were moored in the isthmus off cattily in a island. it was thanksgiving evening and i had gone to bed, about 11:00, and at about 5 after 11 i heard someone yelling, calling for
10:34 pm
help. help me, somebody, please help me. i got up and started calling across where i could determine the crisis for help were coming from, and i would yell where are you? where are you? i'll come. i'll get you. keep yelling. and all the yelling that took place and screaming was somebody please help me. help me. the cries for help were very, very haunting, and very serious. i stayed up on the top deck and my fiance at the time went down stairs to call harbor patrol. they never answered the phone, so in desperation, he called avalon which is about 30 minutes away by helicopter, and he repeated what was going on in
10:35 pm
the water from what we could tell. it was coming from the water. we had packed everything up because we were going back to new port beach the next day, so we didn't even have a dingy. owners, she would be alive today. we could have thrown the dingy in the water and rode around and have found her. >> marilyn, i want to be clear. before we go any further, you heard screams from a person that was already in the water. >> we assumed they were already in the water, but we couldn't see. it was too dark. >> now, suzanne, it appears from the reports we are hearing now that the main thinking is that natalie wood was unconscious by the time she went in the water. what do you know about that? >> well, the supplemental report that was recently released to the public that was prepared by the current medical examiner in los angeles has cast natalie's
10:36 pm
death in an entirely different and frankly more sinister light. geraldo, i had gotten access to the murder book when i was working on my biography of natalie, and i noticed that there were a couple of call slips in there that really had not been pursued by the then sheriff's investigators, and one of them was from marilyn's thin fiance who was on the boat with her. at the time on the morning of the discovery of natalie's body, he had actually called sheriff's investigators to say that he and marilyn had heard someone yelling help me, please, help me, please. there was nothing in his recollection of her drowning. it was just help me, please, help me, please, and it was coming from the direction of the splendor. he thought this had been going on for about a half an hour and that marilyn had also heard it, but you know, it's still dramatic whether natalie was screaming for help on the deck of the splendor or whether it was when she was in the water. it's highly significant, particularly when you combine
10:37 pm
this with other epiphanies in this new report of the medical examiner which points to the multiplicity of bruises all over natalie's body, many bruises that were recently infleced upon her in the opinion of the medical examiner before she entered the water. he actually states in the report they are inconsistent with drowning. so when you have these new findings that she had bruises everywhere, inconsistent with drowning, in his opinion inflicted upon her before she entered the water, you have her entering the water unconscious, you know, this all points to natalie having been pushed in the water, and when you have the subsequent statements of the captain of the boat or the skipper of the boat who has said consistently in the years since his initial statement that there was a horrific fight between robert wagner and natalie wood on the deck of the boat before
10:38 pm
she disappeared at sea, you know, you sort of do the math. as i said, it's a very damning scenario. >> do you believe that robert wagner pushed natalie wood to her death? >> i think that the circumstances that night combined with the new report of the medical examiner and the statements that have been taken from others on the boat, in my opinion, point to that conclusion. >> do you think that r.j. wagner, robert wagner, one of the most famous men in the world, still a prominent figure, has gotten away with murder? >> i think, geraldo, that that will be proven. >> suzanne, thank you for your fine work. the book, natasha, still available. marilyn wayne, eyewitness, thank you both, ladies. >> thank you, geraldo. up next, does the new natalie wood autopsy spell out a case for murder. then what does a former
10:39 pm
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let's ask the famed forensic pathology, dr. michael boden, our friend. the headline is drowning and undetermined factors. does this mean she might have been murdered? >> might have been. what the doctor who is the chief forensic medical examiner, coroner presently in los angeles has done is reviewed all the materials since 1981 when it was called an accident. both the medical examiners then and now believe that she was alive when she goes up in the water. she's alive. she inhales water, she drowns. because of the additional information that's come forth in
10:43 pm
the past couple of years, the sheriff's department in 2011 asked him to review the case, and in reviewing it, he said there was enough new information that the death could have been accident but it coul could alsoe been homicide. one of the reasons is the bruises on the arms and hands which seem to be there before she goes in the water, not from the debris that she may have encountered in the water. >> the kind of bruises that would be caused from a man grabbing her by the forearms. >> that's a possibility. >> now, i've heard a theory that maybe she was unconscious from being shaken and woke up when she was thrown in the chilly water and started screaming for help. >> the autopsy can't determine that. >> so where do we go from here? it's up to the sheriff's department 0. the medical examiner can say in drowning cases that the person was alive in the water, but whether she was pushed,
10:44 pm
committed suicide, or whether homicide was committed is really part of the police investigation, you know. whawhat was she doing? there's a lot of information that she had been drinking. she did have a high alcohol level at the autopsy. no other drugs, really. >> there's no way this congress and bull story -- cock and bull story that she went to get the dingy. natalie wood was so frightened of the water, she would never go in her night clothes to untie the dinghy. it's a cock and bull story. >> the dinghy wasn't used. the oars weren't used. >> do you find that celebrity defendants can bull their way in a police interview and say i'm not talking, they lawyer up and make a full stop, this was an accident and they have a free disposition to cut them slack. >> the police got a lot of information when they interview a suspect who has information. if the lawyer as all lawyers tell us don't talk to the
10:45 pm
police, they make the police work harder, so that presently from what i see in the papers, mr. wagner doesn't want to talk to the police. it can't be in i good for him. if the police don't have information from either of the other two people, they have information from the captain, but not from christopher walken or from wagner. it's very hard to determine, to a reasonable degree of judicial certainty, how she got into the water. >> how she got in the water. dr. boden, it's a mystery. >> thanks, geraldo. before we get the reaction of a former israeli prime minister from the egyptian minister's prediction of jews, we were in fort bragg, north carolina earlier this week to attend the retirement ceremony of a battle buddy of ours, a great soldier named colum colonn
10:46 pm
botchko. >> do you ever wonder whether with iraq was worth it, so many buddies killed, maimed, a lot of treasure squandered? >> there's always sacrifices. it's always sad to think of your buddies that you lost. you can't reflect on it in that way. you've got to think of the positives that we did. i'm proud of my service. i'm proud of the folks who served with me. i'm proud of you guys. i saw you four times in theater at least and proud of the time that you guys were with us. you have to look at it in a positive perspective. >> it's one thing i've gotta tell you. i'm humbled. when you see soldiers around us in the studio, i'm humbled to have the opportunity to lead them for 30 years, and you know, i get a little emotional. the thing of it is, you know, a lot of them sacrificed a lot. i remember when you and i. >> craig, go give him a hug. >> my big brother is going over
10:47 pm
there. >> my younger big brother. we went to bethesda naval hospital and we went to walter reed. remember that, and geraldo went there just to say hi to the troops. it wasn't for the tv, it was to say hi to the troops and take pictures with them and everything. the thing of it was that i remember is a lot of these soldiers as beat up as they were, as broken as they were, wanted to get back to their units because of that brother hood, that camaraderie, and it's something that -- it's something you guys understand but most people can't unless they've been part of this. that's the thing i'm really going to miss is the camaraderie and the love, the mutual respect, the sacrifice, the army values that these soldiers live day in, day out. i'm really going to miss that. >> the army will miss him. up next, how are israelis reacting to the vial insults -- vile insults hurled by the man who is now the president of egypt? hungry for the best?
10:48 pm
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>> so israelis are blood suckers who attack palestinians and they are the descendants of ape is. s and pigs. that's from president morsi from egypt. the point is given these intensely negative feelings, even racist feelings, you get an idea of how difficult the arab israeli conflict will be to resolve. but the man who came closer than any other, at least in recent decades, any other israeli he to finding a peaceful solution to the ongoing crisis joins me now from tel aviv. he's the forme former prime minr of israel. mr. prime minister, welcome. nice to see you. long time no see. what was your reaction when you heard morsi's hateful words?
10:52 pm
>> well, good evening. i think these are certainly obnoxious expressions. it's certainly raising serious questions about the attitude of this person. i hope that while he's now president of egypt that he will understand the responsibility of this part of his job and the effect that this has on relations between israel and egypt and he has to adjust himself to the realities of the relations that existed for the last 30 years between israel and egypt. >> his statements were ugly, his tone ugly, the words he chose to use anti-semitic and racist, and yet they show a great frustration with the israeli-arab peace, the status of the two-state negotiations. it appears, doesn't it to you, prime minister, that we get further and further away from
10:53 pm
mid yeast peace with every day, every week, every month, every year that passes? >> nothing that develops -- or that does not develop in the context of the relations between israel and the palestinians justifies what president morsi said, but as you say, entirely separates it from peace when you look at the situation between us and the palestinians authority on these days. you certainly become frustrated because there's no progress. there is not a real genuine dialogue between us and the palestinians, and certainly as someone who was negotiating with the palestinians for a long time, and was very close to conclude a deal between israel and the palestinian authority, i'm very frustrated and concerned about it. >> are you concerned that israel is moving to the right and is becoming less willing to negotiate, less willing to
10:54 pm
implement what the world community insists that is a two-state solution? >> the truth is that four years ago we were very close, and i proposed on behalf of the state of israel a peaceful solution which responded almost accurately to almost all of the concerns that the palestinians voiced over the years about the nature of such agreement and they didn't respond, so palestinians bear the most responsibility, particularly for not responding positively to a peace proposal which at that time president george bush and his secretary of state, condoleeza rice, felt was a very fair, honest, and balanced peace plan that was proposed by me as the prime minister of israel. >> during the u.s. election, i was in israel last summer. mitt romney, governor mitt romney, the republican candidate, came by. it seemed to me that bebe
10:55 pm
netanyahu was essentially endorsing mr. romney's candidacy. they did a big fundraiser in israel. you were very critical of that. do you think that prime minister netanyahu was unfairly or inappropriately intervening in the u.s. election? is that why you were so critical? >> i think it was a terrible mistake. i don'i don't think that it is r duty or it is our interest to intervene in the political process in the united states. the appearance of support by netanyahu to romney, i must say i know romney very well. he's really a genuine good friend of israel and i respect him very much, but it was not for us to interfere in this process. >> you called governor romney, mr. prime minister, a good friend of israel. is barack obama a good friend of israel? >> no doubt in my mind. i was very close to president bush when he was president. we are still friends.
10:56 pm
what happens he was the best -- perhaps he was the best president from the point of view of israel ever in the history of the relations between the two countries. i don't know that what he supported in the context of a peace treaty between israel and the palestinians is different from what president obama said, so i don't understand why bush with his views was considered the best friend of israel, and he really was, but why if obama is considered by some to be hostile. i don't think he is hostile. i think he's been very friendly. he financed many of the security projects of israel at a time of deep economic crisis in the united states of america. i think that he proves that he is absolutely committed to the same principles, to the same values, and to the same policies
10:57 pm
that all presidents of america over the last at least 35 years that i can recall in my own political career. >> finally, former prime minister olmert, a lot of people are asking, you know. you were the golden boy in israeli politics. you got yours in a jam, you got out of the jam. now you're free and clear. a lot of people are asking why not you jump back into the political arena? you know, you're critical of bebe netanyahu. why not run yourself. you're the only candidate who can compete against bebe. >> maybe, maybe not. i don't know. one thing i can promise you, geraldo. it's not the last time that you interview me. >> i'm sure we'll be hearing from you again, sir. thank you very much. nice talking to you. >> thank you. >> thank you again, mr. prime minister. that is it for us tonight. thank you for watching. enjoy the rest of the weekend. goodnight, everybody. ♪
10:58 pm
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